Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme

“Luxury is personal”

At first this may be an odd statement, however, after our stay at Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, all doubts vanished and gave place to undeniable certainties.

In another travel through the city of lights, and another experience by the streets of one of the most emblematic and dazzling cities in the world (so true!) we stayed at Park Hyatt, that I consider being one of the best hotels I’ve ever been!

This luxurious 5 stars hotel, designed by Ed Tuttle, is located in Rue de la Paix, the street of the famous jewelry stores, namely in front of Tiffany’s, between the elegant Place Vendôme and the beautiful Garnier Opera and is extremely close to some must visit places in Paris, the Louvre, the Tuileries garden or the d’Orsay Museum.

Since the opening in 2002 it won some of the most relevant distinctions in hotel management, namely the title of Palace Hotel, since 2011, attributed by the French Government.

It’s almost impossible to describe all the experience in this hotel, because it’s all so unbelievably magical and unreal! But I’ll try!

At the entrance we are received in a personalized and polite way, since the doorman to the reception, and yes, this is a slightly longer way than usual since the first contact with the interior of the hotel is the concierge’s area, and then, a little further, the reception, which gives it a more private effect and is very pleasant, because it allows us to appreciate the hotel without being immediately confronted with the reception.

We stayed at Park Hyatt by the time of Paris Fashion Week, meaning the hotel accommodated some celebrities, which apparently is already common in other times of the year, and you realize why the choice because discretion is one of the hotel’s strengths.

Without wanting to exaggerate, the hotel has an employee alert to our needs every 5 meters, basically there’s an employee per guest, at least that’s the feeling we get because nothing is left to chance. It is probably the best service I had privilege to receive.

La Cheminee

One of the many things that fascinated me was the artistic sense in the hotel, the decoration of each room is based in the art piece formerly chosen to that place. Speaking of art, there’s an exclusive feature of Park Hyatt Paris that leaves no one indifferent, the bronze statues in the lamps, mirrors, doors and windows knobs. These are pieces of Roseline Granet and something that completely distinguishes this hotel.

Our room during our stay 

Everything is magical in this place, even the smell is thought to detail and that is why Park Hyatt hired the famous perfumer Blaise Mautin that developed a unique fragrance with the hotels signature and its hygiene products. It is a discrete and mysterious aroma that feels throughout the hotel, including the rooms. Speaking of bedrooms there are 153, and my God, it was the most perfect that I’ve experienced so far!

Polished mahogany walls, golden frames, electric tones, huge and super comfy bed, a closet decent of a shopaholic, everything thought perfectly! But what I loved the most was the bathroom, I have to confess I am obsessed with this room! And the bathroom of Park Hyatt is to die for, warm floors, bathtub and shower with golden notes, perfect architecture that fascinated me while having a nice immersion bath.

Les Orchidees

Making a tour of the hotel, to give you a more accurate picture, we were able to find spaces we wanted to take away with us, spaces with glamour, sophistication and, above all, references for all tastes. The La Cheminee, an open space that works as a place for meeting with friends or for business, where we can enjoy a snack or a tea. The space Les Orchidees where I had breakfast like a king, and where you can also have lunch among friends or to take care of business. Speaking of Orchids (my favorite plant, by the way), all the hotel is impeccably decorated with them, it is an authentic shiny garden!

Le Bar

In the heart of Park Hyatt we have La Terrasse working as a charming winter or summer garden. We’ve also Le Bar, where we can enjoy an excellent cocktail, with an environment worthy of Paris’ atmosphere.

La Terrasse

One of the hotel’s ex-Libris is its restaurant Pur’, with signature of Jean-Francois Rouquette, awarded with a Michelin star, where we had dinner, and about which we’ll talk about in a specific post.(link)

Another relic of the hotel is the Spa, with signature of the great Crème De La Mer products line that along with the cozy and relaxing atmosphere elevates our senses to full relaxation.

Spa – Crème De La Mer

Well, I guess that despite the experience being almost impossible to describe, I managed for you to realize that when you go, or return to Paris, Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme is the Hotel to stay! The expectation can be very high because this hotel easily over tops it!

The luxury, elegance, flawless service, the reception, the pampering, the discretion, the art, the fragrance… everything is signed by perfection!

Park Hyatt – Paris Vendôme
Rooms from 650€
5 Rue de la Paix, Paris

*Texts: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses/Park Hyatt – Paris Vendôme


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