Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill

My charm for the Hyatt group grows stronger every time I stay in a new hotel. And so it happened in the renewed Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill, during another pleasant stay in London.

As the name indicates, this hotel was designed to transmit an authentic homage to the honorable Winston Churchill and all his legacy.

Located in one of the noblest areas in the city, Portman Square, close to some of the most famous places in London, like Hyde Park, the British Museum or the main department stores in the city.

First Impression
An imposing building in a refined square, full of attentive staff at our arrival. As soon as the car stopped they opened our door and immediately welcomed us with a “Good Morning Madame!

We entered without delays and met a huge lobby, extremely elegant, of classic and colonial decoration with modern details and filled with art. The typical bustle of this kind of urban and financial hotel gives it a certain charisma, despite all the confusion.

We were quickly forwarded to the reception and the check in was done without delays while we drank flavored water.

The hotel suffered a renovation that started in 2014 ’till 2016, making it much more sophisticated and updated, without losing its identity and tradition, mainly because helping were Winston Churchill’s family members!
There are 440, of four types, the Standard, the View, the Regency Club and the Suites – Saatchi, Churchill, Presidential and Royal.

As we walked to our bedroom I could see the elegance of the hallways, the floor with silky carpets of different patterns, always with a sober look and wallpapers with different textures combining perfectly with the floor.

  The welcoming at Hyatt Regency

Along the halls it’s also possible to see the technological component of the renovation, in the walls, we can find screens with information about the hotel, general information and information about different events and conferences happening that day or the next.

We stayed in a View room, in other words, with direct view to the Portman Square garden. As soon as I entered I noticed a sober decoration, elegant and at the same time contemporary, being comfort the watchword.

Waiting for us was a true feast! Different snacks, wine, and a gift: a book with famous phrases of Winston Churchill. At our disposal were also tea, coffee, and water, throughout the stay.

The bathroom was the main character of the bedroom, with a TOTO toilet! I never know the use of all those buttons but I press them all (!) and the warm seat “kills me”! One can only be truly happy until using this toilet! Besides, the robe was of the silkiest and comfortable I ever experienced, and the hygiene products from Pharmacopia made the delights of my bath! The bathtub had the same decoration of the bedroom, adorned with a gorgeous dark marble.

 The famous TOTO toilet

Restaurant Montagu

This is one of the ex-libris of Hyatt Regency London. Both for guests or the public in general, delighted while passing by the hotel and observing one of the most beautiful winter gardens in London. I’m talking about the Churchill Bar & Terrace.

The Churchill Bar & Terrace

Inspired by the dignified Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine, this bar offers us signature cocktails awarded many times, a huge variety of Gin, homemade tonic water, and it is as bohemian, as it is classic. The space presents as well a cigar menu, delighting the connoisseurs.

The space presents an extremely luxurious decoration, we can find many books with contents that used to fulfill Churchill’s free time, and also small details that took us back to the love between Churchill and Clementine.

The ex-libris of this space is the terrace or winter garden. One of the most beautiful places I saw during this trip to London. In white and gray tones, with the elegant and rustic look mixing perfectly. This space is always full, of guests and locals, and you can easily understand why!

Another of the gastronomic places of the hotel is the Locanda Locatelli, an Italian restaurant with a Michelin star, that we, unfortunately, didn’t have the chance to experience, but those who did have quite positive critics.

 The Cheese and Wine Experience 

Last but not least, we have the Montagu. One of the main spaces of the hotel, in an environment I love, with open-kitchen. This space has a very classic decoration, with modern details and an ambiance of a royal dining room, inspired by the cuisine and dining room of Chartwell, Churchill’s country house!

 Breakfast at Montagu

In this space are served all the meals of the day, from breakfast – and what a breakfast! – to lunch and dinner. Besides these meals, we can also experience the Sunday Champagne Brunch – as the name indicates, it has unlimited champagne right in the morning! – the New York Italian-Style Brunch on Saturdays, and also the Afternoon Tea with the traditional 5 o’clock tea, very British.

The Cheese and Wine Experience 

We had one perfect experience, something the hotel has been doing for a few months, the Montagu´s Cheese and Wine Corner, presenting us a memorable experience that pretends to bring back Winston Churchill’s habits, with his taste for great wines and great cheeses (the way he usually finished his meals).

We had the chance to taste five types of cheese, 20g of each, accompanied with excellent quality, fruit, jams produced in the hotel, dry fruits, toasts, and sausages. All this harmonized with wine, the Nyetimber Classic Cuvee that expresses a perfect combination of intensity and delicacy, harmonizing beautifully with all the cheeses; and the Chablis Domaine Long-Depaquit which elegance transformed it also in a perfect pair for the cheeses.

High score also to the Solera 1847 Oloroso, a beautiful Jerez.

Highlight to the superior quality of the cheeses from small producers, well tuned by La Fromagerie, showing not only of Stilton live the great British cheeses. Excellent textures, excellent aromas and great flavors showing a care above average in terms of cheese tables in hotels.

Hyatt Regency London is a hotel for every taste and all needs, versatile for business but also, at the same time, a place where you want to stay your entire trip to London.

At first sight, it for sure looks like a Business Hotel, due to its facilities according to that designation, like the case of its Business Centre, with 12 specific rooms for that, in its generous 627m2!

But these spaces can be used for other purposes, like entertainment, special celebrations, yes, because this hotel can also be the place to say the so desired “I do!”, in a wedding party able to enhance any love relationship.

Whatever you need the hotel assures, and that makes of Hyatt Regency one of the most important hotels in London.

Due to its great location, one of the perfect options is visiting several important places in the city, like the Hyde Park, a tour at the National Gallery, or the mandatory British Museum, or even follow the Churchill line and visit the Churchill War Rooms, that I must say it’s one of my favorite places in London (see).

If you prefer to go shopping, you have the Bond Street, the Oxford Street or the Regent Street very close to the hotel.

The hotel has also a Fitness Center, small but very dynamic, open 24h a day. For me, it was not the ideal, once it had too many cardio machines, and none for bodybuilding, so my workout during the stay was a bit limited (yes, I’m now addicted to these things!).

The hotel doesn’t have a spa, but you can book a massage in the bedroom by request.
The hotel also has limousine service by request, and transfer to and from the airport.

If you like traveling with animals know the hotel is not pet-friendly, unless for service animals.

The Hyatt Regency London presents also free WIFI to its guests, laundry service, and room service 24h/day.

The Hyatt group always excels in service, the staff has a training that assures education and care, pleasing every guest.

From the moment we arrive at the hotel we are always accompanied with care, smiles, and professionalism. Our experience in the restaurant was memorable, the staff of the Cheese and Wine Experience at the Corner of Montagu was so nice you can’t put into words, one of the employees, Zé, was from Trás-os-Montes like João, super genuine, as any good “transmontano”, lovely, as the rest of the team.

And because staying in a hotel is not only about activities, services, gastronomy or palpable experiences, it is made also of people, people that in years from now will still be a part of our memories and make us smile.

Thank you, Hyatt, for another memorable stay, and thank you Sir Winston Churchill for inspiring such a meticulously pleasant space.

See you soon London, and see you soon Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill!

Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill
Bedrooms from 400€
30 Portman Square – London
+44 (0)20 7486 5800

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Text: Cíntia OLiveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

We were at Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill by invitation of the Hyatt group, whereas this does not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author.

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