Flying with Emirates – Bangkok – Dubai

emirates - 37When we think of the idea of luxury, comfort and sophistication during a flight,  Emirates always comes to mind as first reference. Elected several times as the best airline in the world, with more than 140 destinations and an enviable fleet since Boing 777 to the A380 (the biggest commercial airplane in the world). For our last trip to Thailand we were supported by Emirates, with flights between Lisbon- Dubai and Dubai-Bangkok in executive class, where besides the planes we were able to test all the commodities of flying with a giant like Emirates.

Telling a bit of our returning trip to Portugal, the experience of flying with Emirates in Executive or First Class starts still at the hotel, with the travelers having access to a chauffeur service for being transported to the airport, and that can be very beneficial in cities like Bangkok. Unfortunately we didn’t had the chance to test this service, once we were arriving Bangkok from a domestic flight from Phuket.

How many of us didn’t have to spend centuries in lines that seem endless, here with the separation by flight categories and the high number of desks, everything unrolls in a smooth way, not taking more than 5 minutes to fulfill all the details, with an efficient and refined treatment, with the luggage being dispatched directly to Porto’s airport with guaranteed priority in the Executive Class.

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At Suvarnabhumi’s Airport (Bangkok), the passengers flying in Executive or First Class have the right to pass through security using the priority lane (used by the flight crew, or diplomats, for example), making the process very fast, since the hand luggage inspection to the passport control. Once again we were free in bit over 5 minutes, with all the complicated preceding stuff to the flight done in the most relaxed way possible.

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The Emirates Lounge (Bangkok)
After a small walk around the stores and spending the last Bahts, we headed to the exclusive Emirates Lounge. The VIP room (as we could call it) at Bangkok’s airport, is a wide space, designed with comfort in mind. The room is great to those who wish to rest or, of course, to those who need to work between flights, with internet access, computers and printers always available. But back to the idea of comfort, the Emirates Lounge has excellent bathrooms and showers (cleaned after each use), living rooms, the main international newspapers and of course a great selection of food and drinks to the discretion of its users.

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From the French wines, to the Moët et Chandon champagne, Taylor’s Port wine, the offer of spirit drinks is wide and for every taste, perfect for some hours of relaxation before a long flight. In terms of food, the offer of Emirates is centered in Halal products, with a wide range of options, from salads, cheeses, a nice selection of breads, to hot dishes, where we could taste a nice quiche, grilled salmon with lentils, or some curry dishes with very Thai roots.

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The meals are well prepared for the level of catering, comforting and comfortable, as everything should be before flying.

The responsible for the reception informs us shortly before the beginning of the boarding for our flight that occurs next to the Lounge, therefore the walk is small. Once again the separation by classes and the two sleeves that separate the superior floor (Executive and First) and the inferior one (Economic) allow the boarding to the A380 to be quick, without big lines or lead time.

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The Airplane
Well, the A380-800 is the biggest commercial plane in the world, and the Emirates fleet was equipped in a flawless way, I can’t get tired of using the expression “Luxury is in small details” and Emirates took that to the extreme. Everything is relatively new in these A380, so the feeling when we enter one couldn’t be but the best, while we think “seriously?”. The seats in the Executive function as small cabins, in which the privacy of the user is one of the key elements, the armchairs transform into flat beds, with space and comfort. There’s a small mini-bar, a table well thought to put objects or drinks without compromising the passenger’s

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Another of the major extras of the A380 are the true Sky Bars, at First Class and in the Executive, ordering a drink among the amazing selection (including cocktails) and socializing a bit with the other passengers or the stewards team. “And in case of turbulence?” you ask, well, these small lounges have a series of chairs with security belts so it’s not necessary returning to you place during these less pleasant phases of a flight. However, and unfortunately, we didn’t meet Cristiano Ronaldo or Pelé!


Hygiene Kits
Shortly after being in the plane a hygiene kit was delivered to every passenger, created in partnership with Bulgari, therefore being products of excellent quality, whether in the lady’s kit, or the men’s one and a beautiful necessaire.

We are received at our place with a glass of Moët et Chandon (or juices) for toasting to the beginning of another flight. In our case, being a nocturnal flight we had breakfast, with a careful selection of products, since the different types of breads and pastries, fresh fruits laminated in the moment, natural juices, or the most complete dishes of scrambled eggs and sausages.

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We chose the simpler option, with great fruits, butter and jam, pastries and yogurt, all served in a well composed table, with a cloth towel, porcelain dishes and elegant cutlery. Snacks are always available at the Lounge/Bar, with sandwiches, sushi, cakes or dried fruits to go with the drinks. Speaking of drinks, the list is wide and the selection is better than at Bangkok’s Lounge, marked by products like Grey Goose Vodka, Hennessy XO, Chivas Regal 18 years, Glenfiddich and many other top class options.

The service we experienced was impeccable at every level, similar to what had already happened “in land”. A big and always present staff, with the responsible for the crew presenting himself to every passenger, a team with an enviable smile and unfolded attentions, with the capacity for attending almost every request and communicate with their passengers (our flight’s team spoke 16 languages).

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A flight is not made only of a comfortable bed (although not being bad sleeping for an entire flight), or drinks of a superior quality, and for that Emirates has the ICE (that stands for Information, Communication, Entertainment) winner for 10 consecutive years as best flight entertainment system. A wide range of movies, TV series, TV channels, games or the possibility of using the e-mail or the phone. The controller in a tablet style is used to control the armchair, the massage function and of course, the ICE system, in a very efficient way.

We were able to watch a series of movies, rest, sleep, talk and enjoy the A380 of Emirates to the fullest.

Flying was never this easy!

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Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses and Emirates.

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  1. Enjoy to read about your journey with Emirates to Bangkok and especially happy to know the offer of Emirates is centered in Halal products. As Halal gelatin is preferable everywhere to stay healthy and well.

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