Paris in 7 Days – Day 2

Day 2

Paris - 15 MadeleineLa Madeleine

We will start the day in one of the points of interest of the city, the Place de La Madeleine, characterized by the famous church in form of a Greek temple, devoted to Saint Mary Madeleine, ordered to be built in 1764, it went through a series of phases, from a Masonic temple with Napoleon, a homage building to the Great Army, an attempt to become the first Parisian train station and since 1842 a Catholic Church.

Paris - 14 madelaine Inside the La Madeleine 

Around it you can find one of the busiest squares of Paris, with luxury stores, pastry stores like Fauchon and Ladurée, stores specialized in Caviar and Truffles, wine stores and much more.

Paris2012 - 22Place de la Concorde

Going through the main avenue (Rue Royale) towards the Seine, we end up in one of the most emblematic and historical European squares, the Place de la Concorde, place where many people were decapitated during the XVI century, including Louis XV.

Paris2012 - 21Jacques Hittorff Fountain

Nowadays it is for sure a beautiful place with some historic details, the Luxor Obelisk and the Jacques Hittorff Fountain, here we can also find Paris Big Wheel that allows (those who have the courage to ride it) to observe almost the entire city, it was not my case, too high for me!

Parisfev2014 -  7Jardin des Tuileries with the Luxor Obelisk and the Arc de Triomphe as background

After this square there’s my favorite garden, the Jardin des Tuileries. Without doubt, the choice of almost all the Parisians and lots of tourists to have some rest and enjoy nature, and also the sound of children playing.

Parisfev2014 -  8mI would bring these gardens to Portugal; moreover I would like to bring the wonderful habit the Parisians have of enjoying their gardens. They compensate well the lack of the ocean and the beach with their gardens.

Paris2012 - 24           Paris2012 - 1           Parisfev2014 -  6m

Parisfev2014 -  4 Arc de triomphe du Caroussel 

After this break at the garden and a passage by the Arc de triomphe du Caroussel we arrive to the city of light ex-libris in terms of art and museums, the Louvre.

Parisfev2014 -  5mOne of the most impressing museums in the world, with around 35000 pieces of art.

At the Louvre everything is wonderful, from the imposing building, which in 1190 was a fortress to protect Paris from the Vikings, to its entrance: a glass pyramid, built in 1989, and which has already served as cliffhanging scenario in some movies.

Paris2011 - 34Inside pyramid at the entrance of the Museum 

If we decide to go in (and it’s good you do so), the complicated task is to know what to see! Of course there are mandatory works, like the Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci from 1504 and the Greek Venus de Milo, from the II century b.C., among others.

Having several collections from practically every corner of the world, from Egyptian, oriental and Greek antiquities, Italian, Dutch and French paintings, Italian and French sculptures, objects d’Art and Islamic art, the Louvre would easily takes us three days to visit!

It’s superb and makes you want to come back every year!

paris2012x05For today stay at Louvre, because you can easily spend an entire day inside!

Parisfev2014 -  10

Paris - 13Just pay attention because it closes on Wednesdays.

More information: Louvre Museum

Paris2012 - 16mPalais Royal

For those who don’t want to visit the Louvre, you can opt to visit the Place Vendôme or the Palais Royal, an old Richelieu Palace, nowadays home of some government departments, the amazing National Library and the famous Comédie – Française.

Paris Guide Map – Day 2

This article is the 2nd of a series of 7. (Day 1) (Day 3) (Day 4) (Day 5) (Day 6) (Day 7) (Paris Tips)

Where to sleep – Places near these attractions from the second day of the guide
Hyatt Paris Madeleine, Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme, Hotel Castille, Hotel Thérèse
Where to eat – Places near these attractions from the second day of the guide
Pur’ (*Michelin), Le Meurice (***Michelin) , Sur Mesure (**Michelin), to know the best of what is made (and of course most expensive) in the city. You can also choose to search for a good artisanal bakery, like Le Pain Quotidien and enjoy a quicker meal, tasty and cheaper. If you have the luck of not encountering a huge line (it will be difficult) enter at the Angelina and get to know one of the most famous hot chocolates in town (near the Jardin des Tuileries at Rue Rivoli).

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses.

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