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One Aldwych - 8Three years passed since I last visited London, I was already missing it, so, nothing like the Chirstmas time to do a brief visit to one of the most cosmopolitan, cultural and important cities of Europe, and the world!

London is one of the best cities to travel to, there’s everything to every taste, and each corner transforms into a unique experience (don’t miss our Guide of 3 Days in London), and in one of the best cities in the world the hotel business has to be special, and it for sure is.

One Aldwych - 3During this trip we had the chance to experience a very pleasant stay, in one of the best located hotels in town (at least for me, I love this area of London), the One Aldwych in the amazing area of Covent Garden, right next to the Lion King Musical.

One Aldwych - 2First Impression
As we approach the building of the hotel, we immediatly realize its grandiosity, a building with more than 100 years, with the architectural style from the period of King Edward VII (moreover, one of the most important constructions of that time), with details that give it a typically Parisian elegance.

It was the headquarters for different newspapers, ministries, banks and restaurants, but since 1998 it serves the city as a luxury hotel.

One Aldwych - 9 The Lobby Bar

Once inside, and to arrive at the reception, we pass through one of the gastronomical spaces of the hotel, the The Lobby Bar, with its beautiful, luminous and giant Christmas tree, and a joyful environment, a vibrant bustle, typical of the bohemian and cosmopolitan pubs of London (have I already told you that London has some of the best bars in the world? No? So, you now know it’s true, London is authentic feast concerning cocktails!).

We look around the entire lobby and it presents us with true art works, a purely cosmopolitan atmosphere but with identity, a bohemian environment that at the same time transmits us comfort.

One Aldwych - 7Once we were able to take our eyes off the Christmas tree and the lobby, we headed to the reception, right in front of the bar, and were very nicely welcomed, but once we arrived too soon, our room wasn’t ready so we left our luggage and went ahead rediscovering London! We came back already at night, exausted but happy after a memorable moment at the musical Les Miserables (don’t miss it) and an excellent evening at the Artesian (best bar in the world for 4 years in a row), and went directly to our room!

One Aldwych - 21Bedrooms
The bedrooms at One Aldwych are one of the highlights of the hotel, of four types, Aldwych Rooms, Executive Rooms (or Suites), Deluxe Rooms (or Suites) and Studio Suites, also being possible to transform some of them in an authentic family home, because there’s connection between some of the rooms.

But speaking about our experience, we stayed in a Deluxe, pretty big, with a modern design, very well equipped ( the bed had a series of outlets, very well positioned), the bed – oh, the bed – it was perfect, of the most comfortable I ever slept in, if I must say.

One Aldwych - 14The bedroom was super prepared for us, with fruit, wine and chocolate (the fruit is replaced every day) and these details, to me, make all the difference; the art of welcoming doesn’t get to everybody, but the One Aldwych could teach a lesson on this subject!

One Aldwych - 18Another fascinating detail was the fact of it being full of flowers, orchids and anthuriums, similar to the rest of the hotel.

One Aldwych - 29 The cocktails of Pedro Paulo at The Lobby Bar

At the moment, the hotel has two gastronomical options, the Indigo and the Lobby Bar. The Indigo is located on the first floor of the hotel, in a species of interior terrace with a view over the The Lobby Bar, here is served the breakfast in a à la carte way, where we tasted some great Eggs Royale, among many other delicacies prepared at the moment.

One Aldwych - 17  Eggs RoyaleOne Aldwych - 10

At dinner we were able to try the other side of Indigo, a menu created by Chef Dominic Teague, this is the first restaurant in London assuming itself gluten and dairy free. Somewhat expectant, we went open to new experiences and the result overcame all the expectations, starting by the “bread” of which João is always scathing when appreciating, but that here passed with distinction, for sure more like a salty cake than a bread given the lack of gluten.

One Aldwych - 24 One Aldwych - 23The starters were an immediate sign we would have a great meal, with two fresh dishes, tasty and well presented, the smoked salmon with grapefruit and avocado and the crab with mackerel and shrimp.

One Aldwych - 26 Followed two great dishes, a Turbot with cherry tomato, potato and tapenade and a delicate pheasant with celery, watercress and Port wine sauce. To finish, a good chocolate mousse with almond milk ice cream and some excellent figs with hazelnut ice cream. Resuming, an excellent meal!

One Aldwych - 27As to The Lobby Bar, I already told you that London is a paradise concerning this matter, and the bar of the One Aldwych is one of the main references in the city, for its idyllic location and for its amazing cocktails prepared by the team headed by the Portuguese Pedro Paulo.

One Aldwych - 29 Pedro Paulo and one of his signature cocktails 

One Aldwych - 11 One Aldwych - 13

Among all the drinks we tasted, the creativity and care with presentation were a constant, with bitters and original syrups elevating the drinks to another level. A mandatory visit! And of course, it’s always good to speak our language during the evening while sharing ideas and learning with the most referenced national barman.

Londres15 - 30To the gastronomical travelers like ourselves, stay tunned because in the Summer of 2016, One Aldwych will receive one of the most expected openings in town, the restaurant of the Spanish Eneko Atxa (***Michelin at Azurmendi) with roots in Basque tradition.

It’s always a wonderful excuse to return to London and to the Hotel!

One Aldwych - 22Services:
One of the best services One Aldwych can offer is its location, Convent Garden, one of the most beautiful and traditional areas of London, the hotel is right next to the Lyceum Theater where Lion King is in scene, and next to many other, allowing its guests to enjoy one of the most beautiful moments of their trip, right next to “home”!

Besides, with that location, it allows us to quickly get to any of the main attractions in town.

The hotel has some quite interesting activities inside, like the The Health Club at One Aldwych. Constituted by the Spa, with a wide range of treatments to relax the most stressed of the mortals; by the Gym, open 24h a day, with next generation equipments and personal trainers prepared to accompany the guests, and by the complex of the pool, Turkish bath and sauna. Speaking of this complex, high score for two things, the pool has music (underwater), to increase relaxation, and the Turkish bath had a perfect aroma of eucalyptus (should be a rule, but not always happens!), and for some moments it drastically made my rhinitis better!

Although not looking like it, it’s also a business hotel, for those looking for that, and the city of London must have an high demand concerning that end. So, One Aldwych has five rooms, being that two of them may connect to transform into a bigger one. Inside those rooms it’s possible to have any kind of event, from professional ones, conferences and congresses, to the most informal, like private dinners, balls, weddings, birthdays and so on.

One Aldwych - 19Service:
It’s easily noticeable that the One Aldwych’s team is well prepared and trained, nothing is left to chance, and we feel accompanied while not suffocating.

I must give the highest score to the reception at our room, like I previously mentioned. As well as the ability of the entire team making us feel at home, with that professionalism almost unbeatable of the Londoners associated to a sympathy and a certain city relaxation that pleased me.

One Aldwych knows how to captivate its guests, the decoration perfectly connects with the elegant and cosmopolitan London, keeping its identity.

One Aldwych - 5A place able to be bohemian and classic at the same time, offering one of the best locations in town, and one of the best hospitality services.

It has a freshness present in each corner filled with flowers and fresh citrus, decorating the surrounding atmosphere.

Besides all that, it’s an hotel that cares for environment, having won some of the most important awards of that area, like for example the Green Business Award or the Luxury Eco Certification Standard.

One of the great hotels not to miss in a trip to London!

One Aldwych - 4

One Aldwych
Rooms from 390€
1 Aldwych – London
+44 (0)20 7300 1000

Versão Portuguesa

 Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

We were at One Aldwych by invitation of the Hotel, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author.

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