Villa Le Barone

Between the idyllic landscape of vineyards and olive groves of Chianti, in an isolated environment, we find the Villa Le Barone.

In middle ages it was just a watch tower, but from the XVI century on it became property of the famous Della Robbia family and was transformed into a farm. After the World War I, the marchioness Viviani Della Robbia transformed Le Barone in a wine property and later, her daughter, the duchess Franca Visconti decided to transform the place into a luxury hotel.

Nowadays, Conte Corso Aloisi and his wife Jacqueline are in charge of Le Barone.

It’s a cozy and intimate place, where we are able to find the peace we need, while enjoying all the character of a private mansion with furniture, books and art related to the family’s past.

It is constituted by 28 bedrooms, situated in the main house, in renovated houses, or the former barn, and are decorated in a classic and unique way.

We can enjoy a pool with an amazing view over Chianti and also enjoy the tennis court, the gym and the splendid balconies while observing the lovely green of the region fields.

The big gardens of roses make us feel nature in its most beautiful and pure way, we can go for a walk, take a glimpse at the surrounding atmosphere or simply sit down and relax. It is the perfect destination to take the family or just spend quality time with the soul mate.

The restaurant, situated in the old cellar, serves typical food from Tuscany, in a classic and elegant environment, always accompanied by the famous wines from Chianti.

Le Barone is a lovely charm hotel, a place with inherent romance mixed with mysteries of the past, similar to a safe port, where we want to take refuge all the time.

Villa Le Barone
Rooms from 195€
Via San Leolino, 19. Panzano/Chianti

*Photos: Flavors & Senses/Hotel Villa Le Barone.

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