Ristorante Da Pino

Ristorante da Pino opened in 1979 by the hand of Pino, a Sardinian Chef and his wife Patrizia, and has recreated the history of Viareggio’s classic cuisine. Located in the heart of the old part of town it’s a restaurant of classic and elegant environment where, as the region dictates, seafood products are the main ingredient to work with, emphasizing shellfish.

After a light begining with a toast of Particolare Brut, of the Tenuta Del Buonamico, a producer from the region of Lucca, we started the meal with good bread and an excellent focaccia. Mussels and razor fish were served as appetizers, lightly gratin and with excellent flavor.

Crudo, Guilt-head bream, Scampi, tuna, shrimp and red mullet

The quality of the ingredients is the spotlight, lightly connected and coerced by the vinaigrette. Highlight to the crayfish which in this region has a superb flavor and texture.

Cuttlefish, Porcini mushrooms (boletus)

Simple cooking dishes are the brand image of Pino; nevertheless, its combinations are manipulated with precision. With the craziness and the quality of the Porcini over the entire Tuscany region, they can’t be missed in any restaurant during their season, here raw and finely laminated, over a lightly grilled cuttlefish; Subtle and elegant flavors, greatly combining earth and sea.

Dover Sole, mashed potatoes and tuna Botargo

An interesting match, on spot fish bonded with purée (more like a cream with pleasant) and the great botargo, that despite its strong aroma and intense flavor leaves room for the other ingredients to be felt.

Shrimp, Onion and walnuts
The shrimp was good by itself, but it would be just that, a good and simple shrimp. The highlight here goes to the onion stew, still a little hard to be felt and with lightly acidulated flavor. Both shrimp and walnuts bring the element of texture and flavor, but yes, the onion stew would be good just by itself.

Linguini, scampi, squid and botargo 

A comforting plate of pasta created with al dente pasta and all the elements well cooked, making us rethink all the spaghetti with shrimp that abound worldwide. They dish only sinned by excess oil.

Gilt-head bream, capers and olives

In Tuscany, a usual way to cook fish is with an olive oil and white wine sauce, with capers and olives. The catfish was moist and greasy; Simple but very good.

Spiny Lobster, raw vegetables and Pino’s special sauce

I confess that as a Portuguese it’s not easy for me to associate the tasting of a lobster with raw vegetables, as I’m accustomed with the way we usually eat it around here. However, first it was strange but then we got used to it; the texture and flavors of the vegetables contrasted perfectly with the delicate lobster cooked on spot. The Pino’s sauce is to be highlighted; a sort of vinaigrette very well balanced which makes this the most ordered dish of the house.

Desserts, fig tart, peach tart, caramelized fruit with vanilla ice cream, red fruit pie

Good desserts with a traditional nature, especially the caramelized fruit, where the figs revealed their greatness. Nice pastry cream along with the red fruit pie; Just a note on the excess of dough on the basis of the pies.

The meal was accompanied by a La Fralluca Filemone 2012, of the Vermentino caste with 5% Viognier, a wine of the Livorno region; although not being excellent it played is part well. The service is correct and effective, even with a full house.

Final remarks
Ristorante da Pino is a familiar space characterized by its original fish and seafood cuisine, influenced by the Sardinia flavors and Viareggio’s traditions. It provides moments of pleasure and also surprise with some of the magnificent combinations, showing that the basis and traditions can also evolve. It is, undoubtedly, a restaurant to visit when passing through the region, whether in a group party or a romantic dinner.

Da Pino
Via Matteotti 18 – cap. 55049 – Viareggio
0584 961356 | info@ristorantepino.it


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