Friendship I and Pipadouro II

There’s nothing like waking up early in the morning and go out into the road, heading to Pinhão, leaving the motorway aside and travel through twists and curves between Alijó and our destination. Stop the car in a steep downhill of grand landscapes and fully enjoy the horizon our eyes can reach. Along the way, we can observe the mythical vineyards of Quinta do Noval or Quinta do Passadouro, among others. Arriving to the station of Pinhão, the heart of the small village, we headed to the river, walking around in the heart of the Vintage House Hotel (see); and here we are at the pier where the river and PipaDouro are waiting for us.

Friendship I

After the necessary preparations, we’re standing in the boat ready to embrace Douro right through its heart. The special thing about Pipadouro is the service that while seeking excellence, works in a “tailor Made” mode, without specific proposals or destinations, everything created to the client’s wishes, from a simple boat ride to an exclusive tasting menu with renowned chefs, or some glorious days with the boat and an exclusive team at our service.

Friendship I

Pipadouro II

Other feature are its the vintage boats, Pipadouro II, in which we embarked, a classic American from 1967, flawlessly restored for a romantic ride, which allied with the landscape and the sun allows us to fly into an imaginary world, with a lot of Port into the mix, of course. The crown jewel, Friendship I from 1957 is a boat that arises from the need to transport admirals and high officials between warships located at sea, where, of course, luxury couldn’t be missed; recovered in 2007, it combines the glamour and quality of the past with the best current technology.

Quinta das Carvalhas (Real Companhia Velha)

Douro2014 - 8mFriendship I

Quinta do Roncão

As I said, we left Pinhão in the amazing PipaDouro for a small ride, unfortunately we had little time and after being in the river, seeing all its plenitude in the horizon, the truth is we never want to leave; it is for sure the greatest highlight in the North of Portugal.

Vila Velha

Quinta da Romaneira

The tour between Pinhão and Tua (Carrazeda de Ansiães) is calmly made, with time to enjoy all the surrounding landscape,our company and the wine that had to be present, of course. Along the way are located several Quintas, for instance, Quinta das Carvalhas (R.C.V), Quinta Nova, Croft, Quinta da Romaneira, Roncão, Roriz, Graham’s, here grow the grapes that originate some of the best nectars in the country, as well as amazing charm hotels in the heart of Douro.

Pipadouro II

Quinta de Roriz

In conclusion, there are few regions in the world that deserve a visit as much as the Douro region, the landscape, the quintas, the wines and their tastings, and of course the residents that live it in a very special way. And to visit it, nothing better than doing it “big” and for that, certainly there’s no better offer than PipaDouro.

Pipadouro II

Friendship I

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Text: João Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

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