Pienza is the home town of Pope Pius II, Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini, who was born in 1405. For being his cradle, the idea of Pius II was to create a perfect Renaissance town, but the project didn’t make it to be successful, however he built the cathedral, the papal palace and the old city council in the historical center through the hands of the Florentine architect Bernardo Rosselino.
Val D’Orcia

Nowadays, Pienza is part of a territory called “The Val d’Orcia Natural Artistic and Cultural Park”, aimed to preserve the extraordinary heritage of its five communities: Castiglion d’Orcia, Montalcino, San Quirico d’Orcia, Radicofani and Pienza.

In Pienza we can visit the Piazza Pius II, the Duomo, the Palazzo Piccolomini and the Palazzo Pubblico. The Palazzo Piccolomini (former Papal Palace) was still used by the descendants of the Pope until 1968.

We can also find a small church with historical value, Pieve dei Santi Vito and Modesto de Corsignano, a church which retains its rustic and unique style and was the place of Pope Pius II baptism.

Val D’Orcia

Located on top of a hill, Pienza is one of the most charming places in Tuscany with an amazing view that opens to the green fields of Val d’Orcia with narrow roads and cypresses. Pienza is considered Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

Pecorino de Pienza

At the wine cellars we can find the legit and famous Brunello, produced in the neighbor Montalcino. At the cheese shops the showcases expose the traditional and amazing Pecorino of Pienza, this cheese is a specialty of town, cured and processed in many different ways. One of the most pleasant and interesting activities to be undertaken is the guide with a visit to some of the most important Pecorino producers in the region.

No doubt that Pienza was one the cities we appreciated the most, maybe because the view from the hilltop is the one we were used to see, over the years, on postcards and photos of Tuscany. The moment we went through the alleys and ended at the walls looking to Val D’Orcia we had to sustain our breath and try to realize if we were dreaming! Until next time Pienza!

Where to stay 
La Bandita Townhouse

*Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: La Bandita Townhouse


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