Les Bouquinistes

If we join a restaurant with a view over Sena and the beautiful Pont Neuf, to one of the most gastronomical neighborhoods in town, with the signature of Guy Savoy, we’ve a promise to success. Les Bouquinistes was completely remodeled in the end of 2013, giving space to a modern and sophisticated environment, with more inspiration in New York City than the classic Parisian spaces. As decorative element, the books in the origin of its name were not forgotten, and the wines are also present, like they should be in a French restaurant. Speaking of wines, the glass exhibitor created by Jean Michel Wilmotte is beautiful and the artist took very good advantage of the whole restaurant lightning.

Despite the guy Savoy’s label, he works as a reference, instead of the usual absent chefs who control the orientation of the restaurants and sign the menus, being the kitchen fully lead by Stéphane Perraud, Savoy’s assistant for several years. The kitchen follows Savoy’s passions, with exotic ingredients, original combinations and light dishes, using a lot of vegetables and herbs.

At lunch, with the menu “kitchen of the market” it is possible to choose an entrance, a main course and a dessert (between two options each) for the price of 35€ (includes a glass of wine), or 31€, entrance/main course/dessert, also with wines. It can certainly be a good option, although less creative than the normal menu, for those who want a lunch above the Sena, with more attractive prices.

Giving complete freedom to the kitchen we started with a nice selection of breads and olives, which were followed by the entrances in a good rhythm.

Foie Gras Tureen, tropical fruits chutney and kumquat

We couldn’t have started better. Excellent texture and flavor of the tureen which went very well with the fat and the acidity of the other elements.

Accompanied by a glass of Château la Rose Bellevue 2012 Sauvignon Blanc, that went well with the dish because of its tropical notes and acidity.

Scampi in Thai broth, carrot and ginger cream, grilled vegetables

The dish revealed to be less spicy than announced, with a translucent and tasty broth, prepared with the heads of the shellfish. The scampi was, without doubt, the spotlight of the dish, cooked on spot and with flawless texture. The vegetables, as well as the shoots gave a nice blend to the dish.

The Château de Chamirey Blanc 2008, 100% Chardonnay, revealed to be a great wine and went very well with this dish and the following one.

Scallops, cauliflower puree, mushrooms and chorizo

The simplicity of a dish that proved to be the star of lunch. Excellent and well-cooked scallops, with a puree of cauliflower and thin chips, sautéed mushrooms with chorizo and air of the last one. An excellent combination of flavors, textures and aromas, in a magical dish.

Poached egg, topinambour, smoked duck and watercress coulis

Another dish reflecting the lightness and elegance of the menu, perfectly cooked egg above a soft topinambour puree, slightly smoked duck and an interesting and beautiful watercress coulis, all connected by a black truffle vinaigrette, which elevated all the remaining elements. Texture, flavor and beauty in an excellent dish.

Consorted with a Lucien Muzard, Santenay Maladière 1er cru 2011, a Burgundy Pinot, still very young, but making a nice combination with its minerality and floral notes.

Suckling pig, pork belly confit, dark garlic sauce, mushrooms and lentils

A dish with highs and lows, great taste as a whole, just the skin of the piglet letting down by not being crunchy, and that was the missing element in order for the dish to shine. The lentils stew was amazing and went well with the dish, it could be a meal by itself and I would be pleased.

A Syrah 2011, La Rosine de Michel & Stephane Ogier to accompany, a wine with excellent quality/price ratio, that went well with the dish.


A small dessert to finish a big meal. 75% chocolate, thin and crunchy praline, delicate ganache and a delicious chocolate sorbet with cocoa nibs. The sweet presented was on spot, letting the quality of the chocolate stand out. A nice dessert, though in Paris you always expect more and more when pastry is the subject.

The service has all the professionalism of the French restaurants, without the classic etiquette, allowing a more relaxed and almost like home environment, since most of the clients in the room were regular customers.

Final Remarks
Les Bouquinistes has more to offer than just the label with the name Guy Savoy, it has a path and own identity, great quality cuisine, well worked ingredients and the sharp hand of Stéphane Perraud. Combining these factors with an attractive decoration and a relaxed environment with a view over the Sena and one of the most elegant bridges in the city, it is certainly a good option for those who desire to adventure themselves with the menu like us, or those who choose a cheaper option for lunch, with one of the better cost/benefit ratios in that region of the city.

Les Bouquinistes
53, quai des Grands Augustins, PARIS
+33 (0)1 43 25 45 94


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