Le Bristol Paris

Located in the famous Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Le Bristol Paris is an iconic Parisian Palace working as hotel for almost a century.

Imposing enough, it’s one of the most famous hotels in the city, the first to be awarded with the distinction of Palace Hotel, in 2011.

It belongs to Oetker Collection, since 1978, a unique company that manages true art works in the hospitality business.

Probably the most famous key in the world 

First Impression
I confess I have a certain obsession for Le Bristol since the first time I went to Paris, so arriving at the hotel was a moment of enthusiasm mixed with anxiety!

An imperial building, mixing well with the beauty of its street and the rest of the city. Two elegant employees receive us with a smile and one of the phrases that are “music to my ears”: Bonjour Madame!

We are forwarded to the reception and from there everything translates into a true incarnation of luxury and elegance.
The check-in is done without delays and we are invited to have breakfast or a snack while we wait for our room.

We start discovering the hotel in its conservative and classic style from the XVIII century, not trying to be current whatsoever and that gives it true charm, light colors of the marble and the pale Boiserie walls with huge mirrors, original art from the beginning of the history of Le Bristol, exuberant Louis XV and Louis XVI chandeliers and furtinure.

And when we think you can’t be more surprised, the two most important guests of the hotel appear before our eyes, Fa-raon and Kleopatre, two beautiful Burmese cats!

In this moment I don’t know who is spoiled the most, me or Fa-raon 

Parisians are for sure experts in taking care of pets.
From what we learned with the staff, Fa-raon was the first to arrive at the hotel and is indifferent to everyone, not showing an interest in the cameras, but fortunately I was able to pick it up and spoil it a bit! Kleopatre is still a little girl, but captures very well Fa-raon’s attention! Another delight to the guests!

There are 188, from which 92 are suites and 96 are bedrooms. We stayed in a Junior Suite, with style and decoration similar to the rest of the hotel. The wide and bright 55m2 combine a cozy charm with a typicaly Parisian decoration, expressed in the furniture and the beautiful fabrics created by Frey and Rubelli, two of the most prestigious designers in Paris.

The classic domains the decoration and elegance is present in every detail. Extremely comfortable bed and a welcoming detail that was perfect for me – Parisian chocolate and pastries!

Our welcoming, proving the pastry team of the hotel does not mess around! 

The view we get when opening the huge windows is the sumptuous garden of the hotel, Le Jardin Français, with the flowers contrasting with the colorful Daniel Buren’s Installation, specially designed for this Summer. The hotel organizes art exhibits, since three years ago, in partnership with prestigious art galleries.

Super high score to the elegance of the key, at Le Bristol there are no cards replacing keys, but an heavy elegant key, closer to the history and the past of this true palace.

You can’t ask more of a bathroom!  

Restaurant Le Epicure – 3* Michelin

Maybe one of the greatest strenghts of Le Bristol, with the name Eric Frechon and four Michelin stars, praising the gastronomy of the hotel.

Part of an exuberant and luxurious breakfast at Epicure


At Le Bristol we find the starred Epicure, the most famous with three michelin stars in the famous red guide. A French cuisine restaurant, considered one of the best in the country, bringing many people to the city and the hotel; and the 114 Faubourg, a Brasserie with a Michelin star since 2013, a meeting point of many Parisians.

Le Epicure – 3* Michelin

We also find the O Café Antonia, an homage to the passion of Marie Antoinette for the parisian life, is a space to be appreciated at any time of the day with a classic decoration of unique elegance, but relaxed ambiance; and Le Jardin Français, a very Parisian and fine garden awarding us with a unique environment, here we had a lunch that created great memories, starting with the brilliant breads specially made by the team of the hotel, passing through an artisanal smoked salmon to die for, and a King Crab salad, and while being in Paris we can’t leave aside the cheese and the pastries with a delicious and sinful  Frasier.

A simple and perfect meal, from the dishes to the company, from the sun and the nice temperature and of course the good wines, with a great Chablis Premier Cru 2014 from Droin.

Last, but not least, we have the Le Bar du Bristol, one of the mythical hotel bars in the city, with a luxurious Belle Époque environment and signature cocktails that can provide a idleness moment.

The garden and Daniel Buren’s installation 

What can you expect from a hotel like Le Bristol? Almost anything!

Besides all the usual services of a luxury hotel, Le Bristol knows what its guests need before they even need it. The Concierges team headed by Sonia Papet, the first woman to win the title of Chief Concierge of a Parisian Palace, excels in the details, from organizing a morning for a true shopaholic around the stores in the city, to the pleasure of enjoying a romantic walk in the Sena, not forgetting the simplicity of treating every guest by his name.

The hotel assures a transport service with private driver in and oustide Paris.

Pets are more than welcome, even to keep Fa-Raon and Kleopatre company!

The pool of Le Bristol is unique, with a different architecture that makes us feel on board of a luxurious XVIII century ship, on our way to the charming Côte d´Azur. It’s located on the 18th floor and the views are elegant Parisian terraces and rooftops, with highlight to the Sacré-Coeur. Right next to it we have the sauna and the gym.

Treatment room at the Spa

One of the highlights of the hotel is the Spa Le Bristol By La Prairie. It has a cozy environment, elegant and exquisite with daylight filling the eight treatment rooms, three of them open to a nice interior garden.

Here we can enjoy the most perfect moment of relaxation, alone or with your loved one in the private couples’ suite.

The Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie is the perfect marriage between the famous Swiss brand and the search for idleness and beauty moments. The Organic Pharmacy and Aromaterapy Associates are two of the brands that assure the most comforting organic experiences to our skin.

The Spa also offers experiences inspired in the traditional Russian treatment “Banïya”, in a room with a heated marble table, that combined with the therapies allows a regenerative experience and fights stress.

Le Bristol Paris also has a hair salon. There’s also a kids club, if you want to leave your kids while enjoying the spa, the Les Amis d’ Hippolyte, a club where kids feel truly happy!

The hotel is also prepared for all types of events, from congresses, conferences, cocktails, and different celebrations, who wouldn’t like to marry in a century old palace on the capital of love?! Le Bristol has six rooms with natural light and views to the garden and types of rooms according to the desired celebration.

For example, at the beautiful Castellane room, next to the Lobby, decorated with the huge tapestries on the walls, unwinds the presentation of many collections of known stylists, and many of the different events Le Bristol supports.

Along the hotel we have access to an exuberant mix of art pieces, mostly from the XVIII century, and the hotel is, as I said before, associated with different contemporary art galleries, presenting exhibits of several artists, like Daniel Buren’s installation.

As I said in the beginning of this topic Le Bristol doesn’t leave anything to chance.

The Service in a luxury hotel in Paris is always flawless, it’s a fact that no one is better than the Parisians.

And Le Bristol takes it to the maximum level, in which dedication is the key to the service. Luxury is constant in all the experiences the hotel assures, but it’s accompanyed by a familiar and cozy touch, making us feel at home.

The team is careful, polite, sweet and flawless in the art of welcoming and accompanying us.
Luxury, elegance, grandiosity, refinement…words that describe very well the stay in this wonderful palace.

Besides, I already said Le Bristol has Sonia Papet, the nicest concierge I ever met!

My experience seems to be coincident with the rest, reason why the awards pile up! “Best restaurant in the World”, “Best luxury Spa in France”, “Best hotel in France”, “Best hotel in the world”, “Best City Hotel in the World” and “Best Hotel in Paris” are some of the awards given by the most prestigious international rankings.

Le Bristol is a dream turned true, a unique and unforgettable place where luxury is taken to Leved of Gods!

Le Bristol Paris
Bedrooms from 850€
Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 112 – Paris
+33 (0)1 53 43 43 00

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Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses

We were at Le Bristol Paris by invitation, whereas this not alter our work, being the opinion and the text of the exclusive responsibility of the author.

In case you need private transportation we recommend using Blacklane, which transported us during our days in Paris. 

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