Hotel Castille

Castille - 5Another trip to Paris, the city that never lets me down, the city that fascinates me more every time… I must confess that at each new visit (and they have been many) I fall more in love with the city of light!

The truth is that the luxury hotels in Paris rarely disappoint, and this time was not the exception to the rule. We started at the wonderful Hotel Castille, from the Italian Group Starhotels.

Located between the Madeleine and Vendôme squares, Castille is situated in the Parisian fashion heart, right next to the first and iconic store of Maison Canel, where Coco met her first and most important clients, and two steps close to the famous Faubourg St. Honoré stores.

Castille - 19First impression:
Well, probably one of the most distinct first impressions ever, because as soon as we arrived, on top of the reception desk was a beautiful cat, with soft and grey fur, to welcome us! We found out immediately it was Helliot, the permanent guest of Castille, and without any doubt, the most newsworthy of all!

Castille - 8mThis trip happened during one of my favorite times of the year, Christmas, and because of that the entire hotel was carefully decorated, which by itself highlighted even more the beauty of the lobby. This one exhales, without doubt, one of the styles I most identify myself with, recreating a quite cozy environment, however without overshadowing the opulence of the luxury details.

Castille - 4           Castille - 16           Castille - 7Once our room was unavailable at the time, we were accompanied to the bar, where we were served an excellent green tea with delicious biscuits.

A few minutes later we arrived to our room, after a ride in a classic elevator and a walk through a similar aisle.

castille - 26 Our room

The hotel has 108 rooms, divided in two parts, kind of like wings, and there are six different kinds, we stayed in a Duplex Junior Suite.
This room gave me the idea of arriving at home and not a hotel room, maybe because of its size, decoration and the intimate feeling it provides.
The perception I got is that at Castille, the past mixes with the present and that is well present in the rooms’ decoration, the classic and the contemporary live together side by side, which gives it a certain charm.

castille - 24L’Assiggio Bar

Castille offers the L’Assiggio Restaurant and the L’Assiggio Bar & Salon de Thé, both combining the Parisian style with the Italian spirit.

L’Assiggio Restaurant presents us the Mediterranean and quite classic flavors from Italy, combined with the refined French gastronomy. Here we had the chance to enjoy a great quality breakfast, with the best pastry and delicatessen, like only the French know how to.

Castille - 13One of the most beautiful details of the restaurant is the typically Italian terrace, decorated with frescoes and a beautiful fountain.
As to the L’assiggio Bar & Salon de Thé, it offers the possibility for a moment of pause during the day to taste a lighter meal, a simple cocktail or a delicious tea.

Castille - 11           Castille - 15           Castille - 9

Castille - 10Services:
Besides the usual 5 star Hotel services, like Concierge or Room Service 24 hours a day, Castille also offers a Fitness Center, properly equipped (and which I properly escape!), three meeting rooms to those not only seeking leisure, and it is equipped to host pets, meaning more friends to the famous and spoiled Helliot!

Castille - 2mService:
If the Thai are the most sweet and caring in this art, the French are the most prepared and educated in the field, no doubt, and Castille is not an exception, more relaxed than most of the luxurious 5 stars in town, but always caring, accurate, watchful and meticulous, that is the Service at Castille.

I don’t get tired of hearing the “Bonjour Madamme“!

A little taste of Italy in the wonderful city of Paris, who could ask for a better combo?! An excellent option to those desiring to stay in one of the most famous areas of Paris. 100% Approved!!

Hotel Castille
Rooms from 230€
33-37, Rue Cambon, Paris
+33 (0)1 44 58 44 58

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses and Hotel Castille.

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