Frenchie to Go

Frenchietogo - 4Frenchie was the name given to Gregory Marchand by Jamie Oliver while he was working with him at Fifteen in London. Since 2009, and after passing through several countries, Frenchie is also the name of his restaurant in Paris. A small place at Rue deu Nil, which has been making a statement in the Parisian gastronomy since its opening, with its neo-bistro style and a refined kitchen based on seasonal products and their quality.

Frenchietogo - 6More recently French expanded, remaining faithful to Rue du Nil, opening the Frenchie Bar à Vins, where it is possible to taste and buy wines from some less known producers, harmonized with some appetizers and relaxed dishes, from which the cheeses and delicatessen stand out, or wouldn’t we be in France.

But today, I’m talking to you about a different Frenchie, the Frenchie to Go. Born from the passion for American culture, Gregory Marchand worked for several years in New York, Frenchie to Go is the bridge between the concept of “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” and the attention and detail of the Parisian gastronomy.

Frenchietogo - 5

Open between breakfast and lunch, Frenchie to Go presents in the morning a wide list of options, from scones, pies, egg plates (Bénedict or Florentine) and of course bacon, lots of bacon, besides an excellent homemade granola. At lunch the picture gets more serious and the famous sandwiches come out to play, from the classic Reuben, to the pulled pork, going through a Lobster Roll or an artisanal Hot Dog.

We tried the Reuben, with pastrami, English cheddar and coleslaw (12€). The result couldn’t be any better, pastrami from outer space, slightly toasted bread, good mustard and excellent coleslaw, slightly vinegary, complementing the sandwich perfectly. To go with, excellent fries with tartar sauce (4€).

Frenchietogo - 3Reuben Sandwich

Enthusiastic as we are for American BBQ we had to try the Pulled Pork sandwich, made with pork shoulder (11€). Good bread, succulent and soft meat, once again with a good coleslaw to go with.

Frenchietogo - 2 Pulled Pork

There are a lot more other options, with irresistible looks, that will have to wait for another visit to Paris (I can’t get tired of this city, so it’ll be easy). At the dessert level, creativity comes on top, with highlight to the Cheesecake (couldn’t be missed), made with an unusual combination of pumpkin, caramel and sage.

Final Remarks
Frenchie to Go is a mandatory stop for the sandwich lovers, but not only. All the dishes are created with detail and cooked in front of everybody, like a good starred restaurant dish, American doses and quite democratic prices for the city. In the end, the best of all is that for only 48€/kg you can bring home all the pastrani you want (I swear you won’t forget about it easily). Another brilliant triumph out of Gregory Marchand’s sleeve.

Frenchie to Go
9, rue du Nil – Paris
Open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm


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