Flavors & Senses – The best for 2016: The Ceremony

Premios_FAS16-060616-6235 For the 3rd time we delivered the Blog awards, on the past June 6th, in the impressive event room at the Real Companhia Velha, which responded positively to the bold proposal of joining us to another edition of “The best for…”. Allowing us to jump up our organization quality, increase the guest list, always with a party environment, elegant and relaxed, as it has become our signature.

Premios_FAS16-060616-6785 This year we had the already usual support of Riedel, through Portfolio, which allowed Alejandra, from Atelier We Came From Space, to personalize for our awards, two of the most emblematic pieces of the brand, the Riedel Sommeliers Bordeaux Grand Cru glass and the Decanter Cornetto with which we awarded the winners.



With the guests arriving, we started the party with some great wines, as it has become usual in our events. This time in charge – as expected – of Real Companhia Velha, their excellent Espumante Bruto, the top notch Carvalhas Branco and the red Carvalhas Tinta Francisca. 


Premios_FAS16-060616-6018Two of the great winners of the evening 

While the last details were being taken care of and while waiting for the last guests to arrive, it was time to taste some excellent delicacies our partners brought to captivate some of the most important palates in town. Starting with the usual presence of Bísaro, this year with the suprise of bringing a cutter and an imposing prosciutto with 30 months of cure, in addition to the rest of the smoked products, with highlight to the Cachaço that always conquers me.



The impressive Acushla olive oil, once again showcasing the Trás-os-Montes splendour, and some news, the “out of the box” products from Casa do Vale, from a powerful Aveiro samphire powder full of sea flavor to the Shitake mushroom chutney, and some different jams, with products of their own production.


Premios_FAS16-060616-5984 cópia


Another novelty was the presence of Panca – Cevicheria do Parque, the most recent restaurant in the city, in a pop-up concept, created by the combo Camilo Jaña (Cafeína Group) and Ruy Leão (Shiko – Tasca Japonesa), with the perfect dish for a warm and joyful evening, working in the event with products from Qual House.


Premios_FAS16-060616-6314Panca and Luís Américo (Cantina 32, among others)

Passing to the presentation of the awards, one again in my, and Cíntia’s charge, this year had a great improvement, microphones and (so I didn’t have to worry about projecting my voice!) and sound and image – an excellent job in charge of   Luz & Som.

Premios_FAS16-060616-6586 This year the opening of the stage went to Vasco Mourão, receiving the award of best “Tapas Restaurant”, awarded to Casa Vasco for the second year in a row. Stage he would again take to celebrate the “Trendy Restaurant” category, with his Cafeína, in a time it just celebrated 21 years.

Premios_FAS16-060616-6572Vasco Mourão with the representatives of Acushla and Bísaro

Premios_FAS16-060616-6582António Coelho from Adega S. Nicolau, with the gift bags from Acushla, Bísaro and Casa do Vale

The typical gastronomy was also celebrated, with the title of “Traditional Restaurant” going to Adega S. Nicolau, known for its location at Ribeira, in Porto, and the mastery with which they dominate Porto’s recipes, they’d already won the award in the 2014 edition.


Premios_FAS16-060616-6602João Machado from Ichiban with the “Specialized Restaurant” award 

João Machado, from the Japanese Ichiban, had the responsibility of receiving the award in one of the new categories of the awards, “Specialized Restaurant”. An award intended to elect  a restaurant specialized in a certain type of cuisine, or the work of a specific product.

Premios_FAS16-060616-6554As “Out of Doors Restaurant”, this year, was elected the restaurant Ferrugem, in Famalicão, with their charismatic chef Renato Cunha. This award strenghtens the popularity of this initiative besides Porto’s barriers, as well as the excellence of the gastronomy of the North of Portugal.

Premios_FAS16-060616-6606Renato Cunha from Ferrugem

In another of the new categories: “Service”, the choice went to O Paparico, the restaurant of Sérgio Cambas, famous for its hospitality. The entrepreneur returned to the stage to celebrate the award of “Entrepreneur of the Year”, the recognition of the sucess of his spaces in the last year.

Premios_FAS16-060616-6619Sérgio Cambas with the award for “Service”

The Restaurant Palco of the Teatro Hotel in the heart of Porto, leaded by Arnaldo Azevedo (Chef to Watch in 2014), won the award of “Signature Restaurant”, in a time Porto starts to reinforce its offer in this segment.

Premios_FAS16-060616-6116The Charismatic team of Tapabento

Premios_FAS16-060616-6036The tireless Sérgio from Portus Wine Trip

Ruy Leão and his Shiko – Tasca Japonesa were awarded with two of the most wanted awards of the evening, “Revelation Restaurant” and “Chef to Watch”. An award that celebrates the sucess of Ruy Leão’s work in this Japanese restaurante, open since February of the last year.

Premios_FAS16-060616-6624Ruy and Alexandra Leão

The main individual award “Chef of the Year” went once again to Pedro Lemos who in 2015 had already won in the categories Chef and Restaurant of the Year, being his consistency and the mastery of his work awarded again.

Premios_FAS16-060616-6760Pedro Lemos and his wife Joana with the award of Chef of the Year

This year, the gastronomical restaurant of The Yeatman, headed by the chef Ricardo Costa, took two titles home, including the most important of the evening – “Restaurant of the Year” and best “Wine Service”. An award that assures the high quality work the chef and the hotel have been making in the search for the second Michelin star. Unfortunately and for reasons we are unrelated to, the representation of the Hotel didnt make it in time for the ceremony.


Premios_FAS16-060616-6662 The luxury team of Real Companhia Velha that helped us in every moment 

Awards and winners presented, it was time to get loose and enjoy while basting the spirit with the wines from Real Companhia Velha and finishing the goodies, while also entering in the sweets department with the delicious Abade Priscos pudings and the Pastéis dos Remédios from Doçaria da Cruz de Pedra in Braga.



And it was in a great fraternizing environment we ended the night celebrating not only the winners, but all the gastronomy of Porto and the North of Portugal, from the most traditional to the famous Michelin restaurants.


Premios_FAS16-060616-6358The sucess team behind Sushiaria, Terminal 4450 and Esquina do Avesso

Premios_FAS16-060616-6720João Faria and Vasco Coelho Santos 

Premios_FAS16-060616-6725The Flavors & Senses team and the representatives from Óptica do Porto

Premios_FAS16-060616-6436Rita Branco (@oportoencanta) Alexandra and Ruy Leão, António Coelho

Premios_FAS16-060616-6693Joana and Pedro – the @bebespontocomes couple


Premios_FAS16-060616-6735Tiago Lessa, our videographer and Dj of the evening

I can’t end the article about this wonderful afternoon without refering the unconditional support of Marta and Tiago Lessa, of Ricardo Bernardo for the amazing photos, and to companies like Luz e Som, Químico Digital and Óptica do Porto that while not being connected to the gastronomy sector, wanted to be associated to the best Porto and the North have to offer, people willing to help without something in return, without them it would be impossible to do an event like this, which lives without great funds or sponsors.


See you in 2017!

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Photos: Ricardo Bernardo

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