Flavors & Senses – The Best for 2014: Winners

In a year that our Top reinvented itself, where we created new categories and had an election with invited voters, we also decided to create an award delivery ceremony. A ceremony that just ended and took place at the Casa Vasco restaurant with a small and relaxed production, it was able to get together the winners and some guests. This year, for the first time we had a wide range of voters, with tight categories, proving that the gastronomy in Porto has a lot to offer.

Restaurant of the Year – O Paparico

Signature Restaurant – Pedro Lemos

Traditional Restaurant – Adega S. Nicolau

Trendy Restaurant– Portarossa

Revelation Restaurant – Vinum

Wine & Tappas – Casa de Pasto da Palmeira

Chef of the Year – Rui Paula

Chef to Watch – Arnaldo Azevedo – Restaurante Palco (Hotel Teatro)

Entrepreneur of the Year – Vasco Mourão

Gourmet Store – Club Del Gourmet – El Corte Inglés Gaia

In name of the Blog and all the team behind these awards we’d like to thank our Main Sponsor, Niepoort, and  Quinta do Crasto, Casa Vasco and the Martino & Jaña atelier for supporting this project..

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