Eating at JW Marriott Khao Lak

jwmarriottkhaolak - 18 Thai Restaurant Ta-Krai

The good life is almost certain in a good beach resort, almost for sure with a good climate, lots of cocktails, beach, pool and a good amount of fun. But adding a good gastronomy to that combination is not always so common; those who never had a bad gastronomical experience in a resort speak forward. Happily for us, that was not the case at JW Marriott in Khao Lak, where the art of serving and eating won some pretty interesting notes. As Cíntia mentioned on the previous article (see), the Hotel has 8 spaces, between bars and restaurants, commanded by the Icelandic Chef Janne A. Ollikainen, settled in Thailand for several years now.

jwmarriottkhaolak - 52Czar Bar

At The Deli are served small snacks, sandwiches, coffees and artisan ice creams. It works in a relaxed way, and the guests can go there at any time for a simpler and relaxed meal. In one of those moments we tasted an unforgettable and refreshing mango smoothie, which left some serious memories.

jwmarriottkhaolak - 71 The Deli

jwmarriottkhaolak - 17The Japanese Sakura

At the Japanese Sakura, controlled by Japanese Chefs, there’s a special focus on the Sushi Bar, and the giant counter of teppanyakki allows the guests to enjoy the technique and mastery of the professional that are serving them.

jwmarriottkhaolak - 108 Aquamarine Pool Bar

jwmarriottkhaolak - 28 Ta-Krai

At Ta-Krai, the Thai cuisine restaurant of the Resort, it is possible to have dinner in a more traditional way, with bare foot and comfortably seated on some mattresses on the floor. Accompanying the meal with excellent cocktails, in a good combination of tropical fruits and alcohol, we were awarded with a “small” feast of classic dishes, nicely presented.

jwmarriottkhaolak - 31             jwmarriottkhaolak -30             jwmarriottkhaolak - 33Starting with an excellent “Phad Pak Boong”, a typical street food dish with sautéed “morning glory” water spinach, here accompanied by juicy crab meat. Following the amazing “Som Tom Thai” papaya salad, with crunchy elements and with very well combined acid and spicy notes. We could not miss the usual “Tom yam” soup, with prawn, basil, lemongrass, seafood and a good dose of spice (not as much as others we tasted though).

Moving on to the mains, we started with a familiar bass, steam cooked with chili and “Pla Nueng Manao” lemon sauce. On spot fish, very well accompanied with the sauce that highlighted and raised all the flavors.

jwmarriottkhaolak - 34             jwmarriottkhaolak - 35             jwmarriottkhaolak - 29Next, giant river prawns with an elegant red curry sauce. The elegant notes from the curry and the sweetness of the prawns worked very well together in this typical dish from Khao Lak’s region. On to the meat dishes, we went with a “Lab Ped”, based on a minced and marinated in coriander duck, kaffir lime leaves, shallots and Thai rice. Once again a good texture and flavors game, always with spicy notes, but not overpowering the other elements. We also tasted a very good “Nua Phad King”, a steak sautéed with ginger dish, with onions and Thai peppers.

To finish, the most traditional of all desserts “mango with sticky rice”, a dish of fresh mango with rice and coconut milk. Simple, sweet and light enough, to an already long meal. At each traditional cuisine dish I was tasting I fell even more in love with Thai food, a perfect combination of ingredients, with all tastes and textures in harmonious combinations and also quite healthy.

jwmarriottkhaolak - 98 Waterfront

At the Waterfront restaurant, besides enjoying one of the best and most complete breakfasts we ever experienced, it is also possible to  taste à la carte meals, throughout the day, with a lovely view over the beach.

jwmarriottkhaolak - 76 Restaurant Olive

The Olive is a Mediterranean restaurant, with a tendency to Italian cuisine and its woodstove pizzas.

jwmarriottkhaolak - 64After several days in Thailand and various dinners without bread on the table, it was a delight receiving a basket with tomato and pepper focaccia (reminding me of Cantinho do Avillez). As amuse bouche it was served a well prepared scallop with Parma prosciutto and balsamic spheres (signature brand of the house). Followed by an excellent Foie gras loin, with apple, toast and a mango sauce, which combination was strange at first but ended up being  surprisingly good.

 jwmarriottkhaolak - 67             jwmarriottkhaolak - 66             jwmarriottkhaolak - 68For the main courses, a lamb leg from New Zealand, with the meat falling apart from the bone and excellent flavor, much because of the great sauce it came with.

jwmarriottkhaolak - 69And a veal cheek, pretty tasty, but in a very heavy combination, with ravioli, potato puree, vegetables and sauce. Excellent flavor and texture of the cheek, but impossible to finish.

To wrap up the meal, one of the best versions of Tiramisu we ate outside Italy, with the right amount of coffee, biscuit and the Grand Marnier aroma giving it an extra note.

jwmarriottkhaolak - 70Besides all these restaurants and the quality of their cuisine, it is also possible, under previous booking, to create a romantic menu, for a dinner at the beach, with sunset and bonfires into the mix, in order to nothing from the holidays at the Hotel ever being forgotten.

The room service also works 24 hours a day, with a series of dishes and the pizzas from Olive.

An amazing Hotel, not only to relax and enjoy some family vacations at a paradisiacal beach, but also for those who enjoy and demand to eat well.

JW Marriott Khao Lak
Rooms from 190€
41/12 Moo 3, Khuk Khak, Takuapa, Phang Nga – Thailand
+66 76 584 888

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