Dupond Smith

Dupondsmith - 22In the relaxed and cheerful Marais neighborhood we find an almost secret 5 Stars Hotel, unostentatious, exclusive and very distinct from what we usually see in Paris, the Design Hotel Dupond Smith.

Nowadays it’s possible to say there are different types of luxury, and even several types of luxury hotels, from the most classical of the palaces to the most modern skyscraper, from the wide rooms to the exuberant silver and the infinite number of employees. But the biggest luxury of the petite Dupond Smith is an entire different one, privacy! Created with the purpose of giving its guests the best from two worlds (the world of luxury and the world of relaxation), the hotel associates a contemporary and minimalist design with the soul of the cozy Marais neighborhood.

Dupondsmith - 21The Marais by itself is a neighborhood that does not follow the most classical postcards of Paris, but it deserves the attention from those who visit the city, a different place, with a wonderful cultural diversity, a relaxed environment, dynamic, and it transports very well the typical art and Bohemia of Paris to the present, and it also counts with some of the most interesting places in the city, like the Place de Vosgues, the Pompidou Center, the master chocolatier Jacques Genin, or the most recent L’éclair de Génie, now picture a hotel that translates these peculiar details of the neighborhood, Dupond Smith is all of that and much more.

  Dupondsmith - 15First impression:
As soon as we arrive to the hotel we stand in front of a small lobby, a very welcoming bar area and two nice and relaxed employees; learning right there it was a different hotel, with an intimate environment and cozy at the same time.

Getting evident the secrecy trademark and a highly personalized service.

Dupondsmith - 18Our Suite: Saint Léger Léger

Dupond Smith has only 8 bedrooms, all of them emphasized with a brilliant design.

We stayed at the Saint Léger Léger, a huge contemporary suite (I could perfectly live in this bedroom, It is probably bigger than many houses in the city), allied to a smart design, unique and highly sophisticated. The rooms highlight? Two things, the bathroom with an amazing bathtub and wallpaper, and the terrace, perfect to enjoy breakfast, if it wasn’t for the cold weather felt outside!

Dupondsmith - 20           Dupondsmith - 2           Dupondsmith - 1

Dupondsmith - 27Restaurant:
Dupond Smith does not have a restaurant, but a small bar, simply a nice and cozy place where we can have breakfast or enjoy a tea during the day. Moreover, Dupond Smith has free room service for breakfast, something it always tries to promote to its guests, not least because the bedrooms have a quite pleasant space created specially in order to have the meal in the biggest of the comforts.

Dupondsmith - 25The bar area belongs to the lobby and also serves as waiting room, for the guests to wait while the check-in is done. It’s simple, intimate and refined, similar to the rest of the hotel. Not having a restaurant at the hotel, the team is highly effective in terms of making reservations and recommendations.

However, I recommend you too enjoy some of the places at Marais, like the famous L’as du Fallafel, the best crepes in town at Breizh Café, and restaurants. From the Mary Celest to the most contemporary Le Gaigne, all close to the hotel.

Dupondsmith - 12           Dupondsmith - 11           Dupondsmith - 26 Some of the lovely lamps of the Hotel 

Dupondsmith - 19Service:
At Dupond Smith the service is careful, polite and watchful, similar to the other 5 stars of Paris, however the way we are treated is more relaxed, something positive in terms of us feeling like we’re at a long time friend’s place.

Dupondsmith - 9mDupond Smith gave me very pleasant memories, maybe for its service and calm environment, personalized and relaxed, maybe for being a beautiful Design Hotel, I don’t know, what I do know was it reminded me of La Bandita Townhouse (see) in Pienza, and my stay there was also unforgettable.

If you go to Paris and are looking for a different place, where luxury presents itself in the small details of the design and the service and not in the usual ostentation of the Parisian hotels, where you feel welcomed in a more relaxed way, but also as perfect, and if you want to stay in the center of the beautiful Marais, that place is the Hotel Dupond Smith, absolutely not to be missed.

Dupondsmith - 24m

Hotel Dupond Smith
Rooms from 323€
2, rue des Guillemites, Paris
+33 (0)1 42 76 88 99

Text: Cíntia Oliveira | Photos: Flavors & Senses.

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