Chiang Mai – Sunday Market (Walking Street)

Chiang Mai - 73When I started planning my trip to Thailand, Chiang Mai was always in my visiting plans, not only for its religious side or the surrounding nature, but also for its markets, and most particularly for its famous street food. The Sunday Market is, like the name says, a market that happens every Sunday between 4 pm and midnight, occupying the heart of the old city, between the Tha Pae Gate and the Ratchadamnoen Street. The transit is cut and the streets are filled by artisans, traders, artists and of course, lots of food.

Chiang Mai - 55The streets get crowded with tourists and locals; everyone gets out to the streets to enjoy their Sunday evening (much better than staying at home watching reality shows). One of the mandatory stops are the foot massages, with a duration of 30 minutes to an hour and with very symbolic prices (similar to everything else in the market), it is a unique experience, both because of the relaxation or simply for the environment.

At Sunday Market and opposed to, for example, the Night Bazzaar, we find a wide range of artisans and products much more exclusive from the north of Thailand, instead of the usual fakes. From little sculpted Buddha’s, to essential oils, spices, silks, silverware, paintings or simple toys, there’s a bit of everything for every taste.

Chiang Mai - 68On to the food, it is possible to find a bit of everything, from smoothies (there must be some kind of fascination with smoothies there), seafood dishes and skewers, fried chicken, the popular and comforting Thai soups and of course dishes like Khao soi (coconut curry with egg noodles and chicken), Som Tom Thai (green papaya salad) or the famous Pad Thai.

Chiang Mai - 56             Chiang Mai - 69             Chiang Mai - 66Everything is irresistible, the flavor, the price, just search for the sellers with most locals around them, they know where to eat . To the bravest, there are also a bugs, crickets, cockroaches and larvae sellers next to the Phra Singh Temple. It does not hurt to try.

Chiang Mai - 63mTo those who visit the Sunday Market you can also enjoy visiting some of the temples in the market circuit at night, relax a bit and appreciate the devotion and respect the Thai have for their religion.

Chiang Mai - 72If you have the chance to spend a Sunday in town, you know this is the mandatory place for spending the night. To those less fortunate, there are daily markets, like the Night Bazzaar, the fish and meat market, and everyday several areas of the city transform into true food markets, with everything for every taste!

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