Atrium Bar

With its rich historical heritage, Florence has shaped itself over time and has become a charming setting that attracts travelers from all latitudes. Home to artistic trends, famous families, artists, and unmissable cocktails like the Negroni, Florence has several worlds to offer. One of these is precisely cocktails, with a wide range of renowned bars, signature creations, and, of course, a great respect for the classics and Italian spirits.

Situated in the heart of Florence, the Atrium Bar is the iconic bar of the Four Seasons Florence. It is a haven of elegance and hospitality that stands out as a must-visit destination for anyone who appreciates a good drink.

As we pass through the hotel’s shutters, we are invited to enter another world – a world full of stories of princes and princesses, elegance, and a perfect marriage between sophistication and classism (the good one!). Installed in the Atrium Bar, visitors are immediately immsersed into a unique atmosphere, from the lighting, materials, and luxurious fabrics to the pianist, always with a service of exquisite detail, where nothing is left to chance. This lavish haven offers a unique experience specially tailored to delight and surprise with its sensory creations.

The extensive range of drinks created by Edoardo Sandri and his team at Atrium Bar reflects their dedication to quality and technical precision. From flawlessly executed classics – such as the impeccable Tommy’s Margarita prepared with Mezcal – to exclusive and meticulously crafted creations.

The latest menu draws inspiration from various historical figures who frequented the palace, from Bartolomeo Scala, its first resident, to the bartender Edoardo himself.

Tommy’s Margarita with Mezcal

As expected, they also pay homage to the Negroni with an exclusive menu featuring 4 variations of the Florentine cocktail, which I couldn’t resist. First, a “White Negroni” nicknamed Retro and composed of Bitter Campari, which was distilled again, thus losing its color, Mancino Ambrato Vermouth, Plamb Liqueur and Gentiana liqueur, Suze, subsequently aged in Amphora.

This cocktail is elegant and refined and has very expressive citrus and herbal notes without the excess sweetness that one might expect.

No Retro a esfera que serve de decoração é feita com os resíduos da destilação do Campari
In Retro, the sphere is a candy made from the residues of the distillation of Campari.

This was followed by a more modern and bold proposal in combinations, Vanguard, with Mezcal Sete Misterios Doba Yej, Campari Cask Tales, Alkermes Santa Maria Novella and Verjus topped with crunch and plankton caviar.

Vanguard’s Negroni proposal creatively combines plankton caviar with the drink.

We also tried the Vintage, prepared from the classic recipe with the combination of Bomby Sapphire Gin, Mancino Amaranto vermouth, Martini Bitter Riserva and a touch of Lunae Orange liqueur. This combination brought out the orange notes of the cocktail and resulted in a very smooth and enjoyable drink.

During our next visit, we are looking forward to exploring the cuisine, which features Italian classics interpreted by Paolo Lavezzini, the renowned chef of Il Palagio.

A perfect experience?
Enter this enchanted kingdom and let yourself be carried away by its magic, we’ll talk later!

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